Use the guide on this page to file your club 990-N (EZ Postcard) with the IRS

  • Download and read the PDF (Publication 5248)
  • Put your calm-self and your EIN and records for the prior Rotary year in front of your computer. Have your phone handy!
  • Go here and start the sign up process
  • If you do not have a completed account from or, sign up for (much easier and private than the other, “much” is a huge understatement!).
  • Use an authentication app if you can (they support almost all of them including Micrsoft) OR text or call for 2FA and download codes as your two factor authentication.
  • Once you have a working login go here and create an e-Postcard Profile. Once you complete the profile you can use the Manage Form 990-N Submissions sections. Once it is submitted make sure to “print” a PDF file and save it with your club documents.
  • Wait a bit (the IRS says 7 minutes!) and make sure it is accepted. Details on page 6 of the instructions.
  • While you’re waiting read this.

Good Luck!